Guide to Ultrabooks.

Guide to Ultrabooks

550x-Acer-S3-Ultrabook-6 By Pablo Estrada

Key Features

While an Ultrabook could be described as a portable laptop, here are specifications that set them apart. They have Intel processors, they are less than.8 inches thick, their screens vary in size from 11 inches to 13 inches, and they have a long battery life generally around 7 hours or more.

The term “Ultrabook” was penned by Intel specifically for laptop manufacturers such as Acer and Asus. This allowed them to produce sleek laptops for prices that are in the affordable “under $1,000” range. Ultrabooks are the epitome of the laptop package: portable, powerful, and most importantly affordable.

As with everything technological, Apple is pioneering the way with their MacBook Air. Most Ultrabooks on the market mimic the MacBook’s look and feel in their features and appearance.

Ultrabooks to Watch out For

The Acer Aspire has the distinction of being the first Ultrabook to break over to the other side of $1,000. Equipped with a 13 inch screen it has an Intel Core i5 processor. It also comes with 4GB of memory and a hybrid 20GB SSD and 320GB SATA HDD hard drive. Of course if that isn’t enough computing power for you, swap out the hybrid drive for a 256GB SSD. Whichever model you choose, they both weigh 3 pounds and are half an inch thick.

The Asus Zenbook retails for $999 new and weighs 2.4 pounds. The display is 11.6 inches and it has an Intel Core i7 processor. If you opt for the higher end version, you can get more SSD capacity at 256GB for $1099.

The Toshiba Portege is the world’s lights 13 inch laptop. It weighs just under 2.5 pounds and feels practically weightless when carrying it. If you get a Best Buy exclusive model, you can get it for $799. Of course if you are in the market for used computers or used laptops you can get it at a steal.

Why buy an Ultrabook?

It might seem silly to get an Ultrabook if you already have a laptop, however there are many reasons to make the switch. For instance, if you like the slimness of the MacBook Air but you want a machine that will give you more processing power then an Ultrabook is for you. If you want something for business then HP’s Folio 13 has a TPM embedded security chip for your email, and it even comes with hard drive protection. Add the 9 hours of battery life and you have the perfectly slim and portable Ultrabook for your business trips.

The Toshiba Protégé has full-size ports for easy connectivity without having to buy convertors. If you are looking at the price, then the Windows Ultrabook would be the way to go.

Mobile design, a battery life that allows you to work all day without plugging it in, and its ability to get back to work within a few moments of being asleep make Ultrabooks the wave of the future in functional mobile computing.

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