Using Cheap Laptop Batteries

Using Cheap Laptop Batteries

By Ador Talukdar

Laptop computers have already replaced desktops as one of the most popular forms of computing, and perhaps the most critical component of the laptop, may be the battery. If the battery dies, it matters not how much speed or processing power or feature with which your laptop is enabled, because nothing happens with battery power if you have no other power source.

You can buy cheap laptop batteries that are made of different materials, and offer several advantages and corresponding disadvantages. The most common types of cheap laptop batteries are the Nickel-Metal Hydride, Lithium-ion, and Nickel-Cadmium batteries.

The cheapest of three types is perhaps the nickel cadmium battery, which is less costly than the nickel hydride. Alkaline batteries are recognized as the cheapest of these, but usually have higher operating costs. Other alternatives for cheap batteries include lithium ion and lithium ion polymer batteries. Lithium ion batteries weight less and last longer than others. They do not require a full charge, as some other types do, in order to be recharged.

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Another type of the cheap laptop batteries, that has become popular, although it use appears to waning in recent years is the Nickel-cadmium battery. The use of Ni-cad batteries appear to be declining because of the disadvantage of faster discharge rates, and a full charge was needed to have an operating battery.

Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries will normally have more capacity than Nickel-Cadmium, will contain chemicals that are less toxic. They may also be cheaper than Lithium-ion batteries, but are also be prone to the memory effect where the maximum energy capacity is lost, if they are continually recharged after being only partially discharged.

Lithium ion batteries are among the preferred choice for replacement batteries, but before you replace your laptop battery, you should be ensure battery compatibility with laptop, and read the recommendations as provided by the manufacturer.

There are a few precautions that should be taken to extend the life your laptop battery.

• Decreasing the brightness of screen will help to conserve battery power, and remember that bigger size laptop screens consumer more energy.

• Remove any disc from the drives when they are not in use, because the drives operate automatically when a disc is detected, and spinning drives uselessly when they are not in use consumes energy.

• If it is not included with your laptop, you can install some battery management software. There are both free and paid versions that can help track the performance of your laptop battery.

Cheap Laptop Batteries do not imply inferior performance, but cheaper pricing. It is more than likely that cheap laptop batteries can be used safely and effectively in your laptop. You can get more information from electronics for sale.

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