Laser Toner Cartridges – Cutting Costs.

Laser Toner Cartridges – Cutting Costs

By Colm J Bones

With years in the exciting industry of ink and toner cartridges I have come across a huge amount of different manufacturers claiming to offer the best value on laser toners be it original manufacturer or the much talked about compatibles.

Personally I am a huge fan of compatible toner cartridges especially considering the savings that can be made as against the big brands.

In the industry it is largely accepted that mono (black toners) have been mastered by most of the compatible manufacturers and that there is no difference in quality between an OEM toner and a compatible. For this reason I find it very frustrating that some businesses still insist on using OEM toners for their mono machines as they could literally be saving thousands of euro a year if they switched to compatibles.

Mono laser toners have come down a huge amount in price over the last few years due to competition and in particular the emergence of the online store in this industry has really pushed prices down everywhere in the compatible.

Save up to 60% on Laser Toner Cartridges

A good compatible toner cartridge will cost between €30 – €50 and will do anything from 1,000 pages up wards.

It’s the colours that cause the problems. No compatible manufacturer has really mastered the colour laser toners. This is because they are much more difficult. True some compatible brands colour toners are very good and not far off of the OEM toners but all in all my experience is that at some stage you will get a problem with compatible colour toners.

So in conclusion,if you are looking to cut costs and printing in black you really should be using compatible toners as you will not notice any different. In colour it is worth the risk going for compatibles but just make sure that wherever you get them from guarantee the toner and will replace if you have any problem.

If you are not printing a huge amount of colour you could potentially be better off using a mono laser machine for your black and then getting a good inkjet machine for your colour. The reason being compatible colour inkjets are as good as the OEM and obviously much better value.

For the colour inkjet do your research on cartridge costs before buying the printer. Remember the printers sold for €50.00 are usually the ones with expensive ink cartridges so do your research!

I am owner of and a toner cartridge specialist. Thanks for reading!

Owner of – toner cartridge specialist.

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